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Cosplay at Fantasticon!

Sometimes cosplay competitions can be hard to judge because costumes can be bought/hired, augmented or built entirely from scratch. That's why we offer a CASH PRIZE for each category!

Best shop bought or hired costume - £50.00!
Best augmented costume - £100.00!
Best hand made costume - £150.00!

We will also be awarding trophies at the Fantastic Awards Ceremony.

FantastiCon 2016 winners were;
1st Prize - Milly Hoggard
2nd Prize - Naomi Knight
3rd Prize - Sentinel Squad UK

Check out some of 2014's players including Daniel Vasey, 2014's winner (with his amazing and completley home made HALO battle suit) and Cayleigh Smith, 2015's winner (with her excellent battle faun).

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