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Virtual reality, retro, board and RPG gaming, live music and more!
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Top-Rated UK convention 2015 by Niche Magazine!
Free soft drinks and biscuits for all!
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Special Guests

Stars of stage and screen including Toby Longworth (Star Wars, Dr Who, Elite: Fiction, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Jemma Johnson (wonderful musician and Youtube star), Kate Russell (Author, TV tech reporter, SpecialEffect Ambassador and Twitch game streamer), Simon Fisher-Becker (Many roles including Dorium Maldovar in Dr Who and the Fat Friar in Harry Potter), Royd Tolkien (Lord of the Rings Return of the King) and many more.  See our special guests page for more details.

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VR Gaming

From the IM Cardboard all the way to the Oculus Rift and everything in between, showcasing Virtual Reality at its finest.

Not only will you be able to try the headsets (by wandering around a haunted house or piloting your spaceship through an asteroid field) but you will be able to purchase your very own IM Cardboard headsets from the Fantastic  Bookstore.

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Cosplay awards

CASH PRIZE cosplay awards given on Sunday 25th during the Fantastic Awards Ceremony.

Three categories will receive prizes: Handmade, Shop bought and Augmented.

Cosplayers are an awesome group of folks, just you wait and see what we have in store for you courtesy of the Halo Fire Team, fronted by last year's Fantastic award winner Daniel Vasey.

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Elite: Dangerous showcase

Powerful gaming rigs showing off the awesome power and endless variation of this groundbreaking game.

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Modern Gaming with GAME

GAME will be there with lots of modern consoles and games to thrill attendees. 

They are always super supportive of anything game related in the area and have donated dozens of prizes for the tombola and the Fantastic Raffle Mountain.

Rumours are that, like last year, Wario may make an appearance but this is, as yet, unconfirmed...

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Fantastic books and authors

xclusive book launches from Kate Russell (her new YA fantasy novel, 'The Bookkeeper's Guide to Practical Sorcery'), Drew Wagar ('Shadeward: Exoneration', the second book in his fantastic Shadeward Saga), Stuart Aken (an amazing tale of Martian settlement, 'Living in the Blood Red Dust', the first of the 'Generation Mars' series), Alex Janaway (epic fantasy 'End of Empire' including a teaser from book two 'Empire at War') and more…

And of course, the Fantastic Bookstore will be there packed with Fantastic books, audiobooks and more Fantastic stuff than you could shake a stick at as always!

See our book launches page for more

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RPG Gaming

Join forces with your fellow crew members to try to outwit the GMs of Elite: Encounters, a tabletop RPG based in the Elite universe. If you're lucky, you may even find yourself in the world of Dave Hughes, gamesmaster extraordinaire and creator of Elite: Encounters.

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Board Games

Grab a friend (or make one) and head to our board gaming area to try your luck against some of the finest board games ever made.

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Retro Gaming

Relive the golden age of console gaming and take part in retro games fun including megadrive, NES, SNES and Sega Saturn gaming.

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Fantastic Awards Ceremony

From 'best reading' to 'outstanding NERF warrior', the Fantastic Awards Ceremony aims to highlight the best and most Fantastic members of the convention and includes everybody from the special guest stars themselves right through to you the visitors. It will be happening on Sunday evening shortly after the NERF battle and will include cash prizes and the awarding of Fantastic trophies!

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Children's chill-out zone

Bringing the kids? Want to enjoy the more grown up bits of the event? No problem!

This year we have a dedicated, staffed children's chill out zone with toys, activities and the wonderful Lara and Mars Van der Merwe looking after everyone while selling their excellent fudge and brownies.

The chill-out zone will be within one of the two main rooms of the convention on the first floor and will be situated within easy reach of the loos.

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Stackable Toys

Stackable Toys is a small independent toy retailer selling nothing but LEGO products. From pocket money treats to big sets, they deal in the finest New and Used LEGO. Time to get your building hats on!

Visit their Facebook Page and their Twitter Page for more info

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Cosplay makeup tutorial

Cosplay fix and upgrade area manned by members of the Grimsby film and TV visual special effects department. Also a 'how to' talk hosted by course leader Samantha McCabe.

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Pilot a Dalek!

Thanks to Dr Who enthusiast and DIY Jedi Robert Phillips, at this year's event a lucky few will have the opportunity to pilot a Dalek! 

For a small donation to his chosen charity, Robert will let you feel what it's like to be in control of his amazing creation.


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Find the Fudge - Man

Find the Fudge - Man have to most delicious, home made cakes & fudge you have ever tasted! Come to FantastiCon and see for yourself!

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Old One Productions

Old One Productions will be joining us with all manner of Lovecraftian items. Grab yourself something amazing... before the madness descends...

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Airship Constella

Airship Constella will be bringing their wonderful handmade teddy bears to the event. Each is unique and signed by actor Spencer Wilding (Dr Who, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Begins, Stardust, Clash of the Titan and more).

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Curious Creations

The amazing Curious Creations trade in clothing, embellished shoes, hair accessories, cushions, bags and embroidered items and more.
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The Toggery UK

The Toggery, purveyors of the finest hats & more will be joining us for the whole weekend. They are selling the most incredible, hand made Steampunk, Gothic, Kawaii & Fantasy hats and accessories (cuffs, gloves, jewellery, corset style belts, animal ears etc.)

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Kitsch Itch Toys

Kitsch Itch Toys have a very impressive collection of retro & vintage toys on offer. Check their page for some inspiration ;)
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Plus much more!...

  • Nightly one hour NERF war during which you will be able to take part, try out different weapons, have fun and burn off some of the free biscuits consumed throughout the day!
  • FREE soft drinks and biscuits!
  • Camera and gaming feeds so our international fans can catch up with the fun
  • Raffle mountain
  • Loads of market stalls offering everything from comic books, original artwork, steampunk clothing and accessories to signed memorabilia, Star Wars and Dr Who collectibles and anime, all in the Fantastic Market
  • Loads of cosplayers messing about, break dancing, participating in the NERF war  and generally being awesome!
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