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Special Guests

Having a platform like ours gives us the chance to offer you the chance to meet folks that you wouldn't normally come across in real life. It also affords us the chance to get folks together who wouldn't normally meet.

A good example is when Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen fans chat, drink and play each other's game while discussing the pros and cons of each.

We have charities who work with physically disabled people to get them back into computer gaming using augmented game systems (Special Effect). Why not try them out? You've never raced until you've raced using only your chin!

Retro gaming enthusiasts (Keep It Retro) trying out the latest in Virtual Reality gaming and vice versa.

The possibilities are endless and we have some incredible plans for this year's event, all of which will be detailed here as the date approaches.

Do you think you might have what it takes to be a FantastiCon Special Guest? Get in touch!

See our special guests page for more details.

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Meet a Dalek!

Thanks to Dr Who enthusiast and DIY Jedi Robert Phillips and his passionate group of builders the Sons of Skaro, at this year's event you'll be able to talk, dance and be photographed with some fantastic daleks! (A lucky chosen few will also have the opportunity to pilot a Dalek too, at the creators' discretion) 


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VR Gaming

From the IM Cardboard to the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive to the Playstation VR, we'll be showcasing Virtual Reality at its finest.

Not only will you be able to try out all the VR technology at the event, you'll be able to purchase your very own IM Cardboard headsets from the Fantastic  Bookstore and enjoy budget VR using your own smart phone!

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RPG Gaming

This year's 'Mr RPG' is Simon Burley. Simon has written for RPGs for 30+ years and will be running hour long game scenarios throughout the event. He'll also be running a live on stage RPG and we'll be plucking players from the audience!

Try to outwit the GMs playing Elite: Encounters, a tabletop RPG based in the Elite universe and created by Dave Hughes, gamesmaster extraordinaire.

The excellent ED: RPG will be at this year's event again, with Alison helping Spidermind Games to showcase the game.

Alongside these will be myriad other card, board, tabletop and RPG games for you to enjoy, including the ever popular Zombiecide with John Fletcher, and this year there's a chance we'll have REAL ZOMBIES along for the ride!

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Cosplay awards

Beautiful, one of a kind 3D-Printed Cosplay awards will be awarded on Sunday 18th August after the Fantastic Raffle during the Fantastic Awards Ceremony.

Three categories will receive prizes: Handmade (100% from scratch), Shop bought (100% as purchased) and Augmented (purchased but changed).

Cosplayers are an awesome group of folks and it's a real privilege that so many of them choose our convention to meet, talk about and show off their wonderful creations.

We think they deserve recognition for the hard work they put into the costumes with a Fantastic Award to take home for each of the winners.

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Board Games

Grab a friend (or make one) and head to our board gaming area to try your luck against some of the finest board games ever made.

Among many titles being showcased will be;

Zombicide - A Fantastic, exciting and infuriating game. 

Hero Quest - A classic 'dungeon crawler' board game that an experienced Games Master can turn into a thrilling experience.

And many, many more, all with experienced games masters to show you the ropes.

We'll also have some hilarious (if sometimes risque) card games for Saturday night too, including;

Exploding kittens

Cards against humanity

And many more ...

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Fantastic books and authors

Exclusive book launches from the Marrett Brothers (the Star Protocol), Drew Wagar (Shadeward: Enervation) and many more…

And of course, the Fantastic Bookstore will be there packed with Fantastic books, audiobooks and more Fantastic stuff than you could shake a stick at!

See our book launches page for more

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Find the Fudge Man

Find the Fudge Man are returning to thewir spiritual home, FantastiCon!

These guys create some of the most delicious, varied and, if you can stand to hold off, long lasting fudges in the world. 

Every incredibly generous slab is cooked by hand the night before the event. They are fabulous folks and not only will you love their fudge, we're confident you'll fall in love with them too.

Welcome back Find the Fudge Man, you're Fantastic!

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Elite: Dangerous

Powerful gaming rigs showing off the awesome power and endless variation of this groundbreaking game.

Grab your copy now and get some practice in Commander!

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Hull Pops

We are very pleased to welcome Hull Pops to the event this year. They will be bringing along all manner of geeky pop culture collectables for you to enjoy. Got a gap in your collection? Look no further! 

Check out their website here.

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Lisa Jane's Hidden Gems

Lisa Jane's Hidden Gems, run by the artist herself, is a stunning collection of 100% handmade jewellery.

With the winter holidays fast approaching, this could be the perfect time to start your gift shopping!

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Artist Solly Mohamed

Artist Solly mohamed has a really interesting style and we thought he was a great fit for this year's event. From screeching, dynamic battle scenes from Star Wars to beautiful portraits of your avourites from stage and screen, Solly has a huge body of prints and original work to show you, and is happy to take commissions for specific works too.

Check out his website here.

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Daisy Dot Jewels

Daisy Dot Jewels create eclectic, beautiful and original pieces of jewellery you will find. Some incredible silver and sea glass pieces are best described as art or sculpture rather than mere jewellery.

Look out for their delightful Victoriana inspired white crates that line the store, right next to the Fantastic Books Store.

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Heart Toys

A seller of iconic and collectable toys from around the world, Heart Toys pride themselves on helping you hunt down that missing gem for your collection.

Got a gap? Then come and talk to these toy collecting legends!

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Star Citizen

As a lover of space games, our convention would not be complete without Star Citizen, Roberts Space Industries much anticipated space sim. Vast amounts of playable content has been released since last year's convention so grab one of our Star Citizen demonstrators and have them show you all the shiny new content.

See you in the 'verse Citizens!

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Retro Gaming

Let 16-Bit Sam (Sam Stanley) and Keep It Retro (Lee Playle) help you relive the golden age of console gaming in our retro gaming area.

Take part in retro games fun on consoles that include the megadrive, NES, SNES, GameCube and Sega Saturn.

There'll be more modern consoles at the event to try out too including some Nintendo Wiis and a gaggle of Xboxes too!

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Fantastic Awards Ceremony

From 'best book reading' to 'outstanding NERF warrior', the Fantastic Awards Ceremony aims to highlight the best and most Fantastic members of the FantastiCon community and includes everybody from the special guest stars themselves right through to you the visitors. It will be happening on Sunday afternoon shortly after the raffle and will include cosplay awards and a gaggle of 3D printed Fantastic trophies courtesy of our event 3D printer Jedis!

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Leanne Page

Leanne Page will be nringing all manner of anime inspired items to add to your collection. Go find her table and say hi!

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This year due to many requests we are adding a green screen so you can be photographed against a blank screen with your friends, our celebrities and other cosplayers.

The screen will be setup in one corner of the convention so don't be shy, why not ask your favourite cosplayer nicely if they will pose with you?

If you are a cosplayer and want a photograph of your creation, here's the place!

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Live Music

After the popularity of the live music at previous events, we have decided to headline Saturday evening's After Party with live music from Jemma Johnson for your enjoyment!

We may even have a late night DJ too ...

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Plus much more!...

  • A full weekend of NERF fun in our NERF arena and a daily NERF war! Take part, try out different weapons, have fun and burn off some of the free biscuits consumed throughout the day!
  • FREE soft drinks and biscuits for everyone!
  • Camera and gaming feeds so our international fans can catch up with the fun
  • Raffle mountain and Fantastic Awards Ceremony
  • Loads of activity stations throughout the event space including board, card and RPG games, retro game stations, VR tents and more
  • Loads of cosplayers messing about, break dancing, participating in the NERF war and generally being awesome as always!
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